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21 Oct 2016

Immediate screw-retained CAD/CAM provisionalization with an integrated digital approach

Successful immediate implant placement associated with immediate loading remains one of the biggest clinical challenges. In addition to the placement of an implant into a tooth socket concurrently with extraction, the creation of a screw-retained CAD/CAM provisional prosthetic restoration is critical for the esthetic outcome. Currently, the procedure can be achieved using a conventional approach resulting in a high number of patient appointments with time-consuming steps for the dentist. For the patient, the day of the immediate loading treatment remains a long and tiring experience from the surgery to the provisional restoration. Instead of exposing the patient to a “marathon” day, the treatment could be shortened considerably by fully involving the patient, the surgeon and the dental technician and by having a predictable treatment protocol for the tooth extraction and the prosthetic restoration design (including the individual emergence profiles prior to the surgery). This would also lead to a better patient experience and improved satisfaction. The goal of this clinical report is there- fore to introduce an innovative one-step surgical approach for immediate screw-re- tained CAD/CAM provisionalization by using the latest technological improvements in prosthetic and surgical planning software and seamlessly integrating the dental technician into the development of the fully digital treatment planning and new pros- thetics options.

STARGET 2-15 | 2016