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23 May 2016

The BLT’s contribution to primary stability and osseointegration in damaged esthetic areas


The patient is a 56-year-old, active and healthy man. He does not smoke, does not take any medications and has no allergies. He was referred to us, presenting a loose anterior bridge from 11 to 22. Since his profession requires speaking in the public, his clinical situation in the esthetic zone has a negative impact on his self-confidence. The clinical examination (Figs. 1, 2) revealed a slightly inflamed gum with no abscess. Clinical probing indicated that there was vestibular bone loss at tooth 11 and a decayed root, but no bone loss at tooth 22.


Two treatment options were considered:

1. Extraction of both roots, healing, re-entry to place two non-submerged implants with simultaneous GBR, healing, gingivoplasty and placement of the final pros- thesis.

2. Extraction of both roots, immediate implantation with simultaneous bone recon- struction and gingival reinforcement, dental crown placement on the same day, i.e. immediate placement and immediate provisionalization.

In order to restore the patient with a reduced overall treatment time (including the time needed for surgery), we opted for the second solution.

STARGET 1-15 | 2016